Indian head massage

Services   June 18, 2016

One of the services Massage & Relax offers to its customers is the amazing and relieving Indian head massage. Also known under the denomination of portmanteau champissage, this type of massage has a history of almost 4000 years and it is considered a part of the Ayurveda medicine. When a customer call us, any form of relaxation he would choose will be at his disposal. The personnel working here is always ready to apply the techniques that combine and ancient form of body healing with other modern massage therapies that in the end will only make you feel excellent, easier than a snow flake and happier than the day before. Each session of Indian body massage begins in a peaceful atmosphere, with music that goes right to the core of your heart and help you relax and meditate in the same time. Candles rose petals and aromatic sticks are used to make you feel like in Heaven. In this atmosphere, you will let your head relax, and the skillful hands of a professional will walk over each centimeter of your forehead, neck and face.